In the salon business, client engagement is just as important as training and talent. Without clients, nothing is possible. How do you keep clients engaged, especially during difficult times? These days, people just aren’t getting as many haircuts or salon services as they were before the pandemic hit. Fortunately, big changes are on the way in 2021. Economists predict a rebound after the tribulations of 2020, and that’s good news for the salon services industry (and pretty much every other industry, too!).

As it becomes safer to give and get personal services, your clients will be thinking about services like yours. How do you get them to think about your particular salon in Lawton? How do you reengage with clients you haven’t seen in months or maybe even over a year? Read on! We’ve gathered some ideas for you. Reengaging clients can be fairly simple. Think about it like reconnecting with an old friend. We’ll all be doing a lot of that as 2021 rolls on!

Start a conversation. Whether it’s an old friend or an old client, every connection begins with a conversation. We all know salon services aren’t just about the service; they’re about relationships. People want a connection, so connect with them! Being direct is best. An email newsletter is a great way to reach all your clients at once, and it’s right there in their inbox. Social media posts are great, but people don’t always see them. Direct marketing is really effective, and it gives you a chance to tell a story. Let your clients know how you’ve been! Tell them what’s been happening with you. Tell them how the salon may have changed since their last visit. Let them know you’ve missed them, you can accommodate them, and you would love to see them when they’re ready.

Offer something special. Promotions are a great way to welcome people back to your salon. Let your clients know you missed them by running promotions that are both general and targeted. It may seem counterintuitive; salons didn’t have a great year last year. Giving anything away for free can feel like a lot. But a “Welcome Back” special will get people in the door and will help them remember what made you such a special part of their lives.

Send a quick survey. We already talked about starting a conversation. A survey is a great conversation starter! Ask what they’re looking for now that they’re getting personal services again. You can ask them how they prefer to book their appointments, what products they’re excited about, or if they prefer to receive texts or emails with promotional offers. Surveys offer high potential engagement because people love being asked their opinion. While you’re at it, why not pair your survey with a special offer for people who complete it?

Referral bonus. Word of mouth remains the best marketing available. Why not incentivize it? Get your clients working for you by offering a referral bonus. It doesn’t have to be huge. $20 off a service, 25% off a salon product, or a sample trio is fine! It should simply be good enough to make people want it. You’ll be rewarding loyal clients for getting your name out there while you’re getting new business!

Be present. Engagement is always a good thing; it keeps you in people’s minds. Make sure you’re connected with your clients on social media and be sure to “like” or comment on their posts. Personalized communication is a great way to be present in their lives and give that personal touch that people like when it comes to salon services. There are lots of salons in Lawton. Make yours stand out!

Make a big deal of it. Stage a “reopening” event. Even if you’ve been open this whole last year, it’s good to give a fresh re-opening feeling as restrictions are lifted. Spruce up your window with a new display or a sign saying, “Welcome Back!” Make it exciting and inviting, and people will be walking back in the door to see what’s new.

After a weird year, don’t make it weird. Let’s face it, for whatever reason, your salon clients may not be ready to come back just yet. Everyone’s comfort level is different. We owe it to everyone to be happy to see them on their own timetable. Sure, it might have hurt last year when regulars ghosted you, but remember that everyone had their own lives to look after and their own circumstances to accommodate. Let them know you’re there when they’re ready, and until then, you can help them make the best of it at home! You can always share YouTube or videos with at-home beauty advice tutorials or let them know you’re available for advice and help when they need it.

Send a thank-you note. Emails are great, but physical mail is so exciting! You can always consider a direct physical mailing to get people in the door. Do a mass mailing to let people know you’re open and ready for their business. Then, when someone comes in for a service, follow up with a physical thank-you note!

These customer reengagement strategies are evergreen. You can use the same tactics to draw clients back after any absence, for any reason. Circumstances now might be strange, after a weird year like last year, but that doesn’t mean your strategies have to change. In fact, the same strategies apply even more these days. Simple, direct, effective reengagement will bring your clients back when they’re ready to come in. Get in touch, make your calls to action clear, and make it easy for your customers to book an appointment. They’ll be back, and if you use these strategies, they’ll come back again and again as things get back to normal!

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