It seems like Instagram and TikTok are full of DIY hair care videos these days. We’ve all seen the amazing results influencers get when they take the shears to their own hair for a home bangs trim, a wolf cut, a butterfly cut, and more. But admit it: You’ve also watched the “disaster” videos, where some unfortunate person gives themselves a Mr. Spock when they’re trying for swoopy curtain bangs, wolf cuts that end up looking like Billy Ray Cyrus mullets, or butterfly cuts that fail to take wing. And if you have textured hair, meaning waves, curls, or kinks, that adds another element of the unknown. Yikes!

Why risk it? Going to your local hair salon in Lawton can be one of life’s little pleasures. Instead of worrying about the results, you’re in the hands of a trusted professional who has years of knowhow, certifications galore, and scissors that have been professionally sharpened. Plus, it’s a chance for you to relax and escape from everyday life, if only for an hour or two.

A regular or semi-regular trip to see your local salon professional is a great way to maintain healthy hair and enhance your overall look. A professional hairstylist can also help you find the perfect cut and color for your face shape and skin tone. If you’re bleaching your hair, a salon professional will help you avoid that brassy color no one wants and save you from hair loss due to chemical breakage. Additionally, the salon provides a great atmosphere in which you can relax and pamper yourself. It’s a great way to reduce stress. Who doesn’t want to enjoy a crisp can of club soda or a hot cup of coffee while discussing the latest styles with your stylist? Let’s look at the top ten reasons to visit your local hair salon in Lawton and why salon professionals offer so much more than just a cut and color.

  1. Professional results. Brassy hues, uneven cuts, tragic bangs…nobody wants these things, and yet the temptation to DIY is strong. Resist it! An Instagram tutorial is not the same as TurboTax for your hair. It’s just a demo. If you want professional results, consult a professional. They know what they’re doing!
  1. Quality products. The scissors your kids use to make construction paper snowflakes are not the same scissors used by your local hair professional. The boxed dyes at Walgreens are not the same as the products salon pros get from their professional suppliers. And if we’re talking bleach…let’s not talk about home bleach products, actually. Better products equal a better outcome.
  1. Expert advice. Not sure if going blonde is right for you? Is a warm brown or a cool brown better for your skin tone? Will you look good with bangs? Is it true what they say on Instagram about not using shampoo? Is the colander hack really better for wavy hair than a diffuser? A professional stylist will be able to answer these questions, and you won’t have to worry about what’s going on behind the scenes. A lot of those influencers are paid to advertise the products or methods they’re representing, and many are influenced by junk science or wellness culture that does nothing for your actual wellness.
  1. The cost/benefit ratio. While it might seem less expensive to use a box dye, give yourself that hip undercut, or trim your own bangs, the results might not be what you want. Then you’re spending more time and money over the long run to cover up your mistakes.
  1. Advanced knowledge and expertise. What do you do for a living? Do you feel you might know more about it than someone who watched a 20-minute video on YouTube? Salon professionals have been doing their jobs for years and years. They go to trainings, and they get certifications. It’s their life, their livelihood, their passion! Trends come and go, and your hair stylist has likely seen it all. They know what to trust and what to discard. Even if you’ve spent a good amount of time self-educating about something, there’s also the “unknown unknown” to consider: the questions you’ve never thought to google. Your stylist is a great resource for that!
  1. More accurate hair coloring results. Nothing against Madison Reed, L’Oreal, or Clairol, but you’ll get better results from a pro. Salon professionals give you more reliable results and more unique shades. If you’re really trying to make a splash with your hair color, your stylist can produce custom blends that you just can’t get out of that box of Garnier Fructis. It’s true!
  1. All the best products and recommendations. There’s no substitute for professional advice. Remember when the video about brush styling for curly hair went viral and there were a bunch of response videos of girls shrieking because brushes were stuck in their hair? A professional would have told them they were using the wrong kind of brush to begin with. Got a question about how to get blow-out results at home? A professional will know which of those fancy brush dryers to get so you don’t waste time on a dud.
  1. Access to professional-grade hair care products. Salon-quality hair care products are going to work better. Sure, you can find plenty of “dupes” out there, but sometimes it’s better to just get a better product. You know by now what we’re going to say: Ask a pro!
  1. A more relaxing and enjoyable experience than doing it at home. Think about it this way: Going to the salon is a treat, and performing your own hair styling and coloring at home is a chore. Who wants more chores?
  1. Added benefits. Is there anything better than having someone else wash your hair? They really get in there while you relax and do nothing at all. If you need a scalp treatment or a deep condition to improve the health of your hair, they can help with that too!

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