As we find ourselves in the heart of these sizzling summer months, it’s clear that the heat isn’t planning on taking a break anytime soon. Whether you’re lounging by the poolside or catching some rays at a weekend backyard barbecue, these bright, sun-soaked days, while beautiful, can be quite a challenge for our lovely locks. But don’t fret – your favorite hair salon in Lawton is here to help!

While summer is undeniably full of fun and frolic, it’s also a time when your hair needs a little extra love. The sun, saltwater, and pool chemicals can have a field day with your hair, potentially leading to discoloration, dryness, and even damage. But hey, who says you can’t enjoy the summer and keep your hair healthy at the same time?

The talented hairstylists and hair care professionals at Salons de Beauté in Lawton believe that with the right care, you can make the most of these warm months without compromising on your hair health. So, even as you dip in and out of the pool and bask in the sunny outdoors, keep these handy post-summer hair care tips in mind.

Hair Hydration Tips: The summer months can leave hair parched and brittle due to excessive sun exposure and activities like swimming. That’s why hydration becomes key once summer is over. Ask your hairstylist about deep-conditioning treatments that replenish moisture and revive the luster in your hair. They might also be able to recommend professional-grade take-home products to maintain your hair’s vitality in-between salon visits.

Trimming: A post-summer trim is an effective way to give your hair a fresh start. By removing the dry, split ends caused by summer damage, you encourage healthier hair growth and reduce further breakage. Regular trims are a vital part of any hair care regimen and are especially important after the harsh summer months.

Heat-Free Styling Techniques: After a summer of sun exposure, it’s advisable to take a break from heat styling tools to prevent further damage. Ask your Lawton hair stylist to demonstrate a variety of heatless styling techniques that are gentle on your hair but still deliver beautiful results. From stylish braids to elegant updos, there are creative solutions that can keep your hair looking great without the heat.

Nutrition and Hair Health: Beautiful hair starts from the inside out. Eating a balanced diet rich in nutrients like vitamins A, C, D, E, and B-vitamins, as well as proteins and omega-3 fatty acids, can help strengthen your hair post-summer. As we transition to fall, incorporate superfoods like sweet potatoes, spinach, almonds, and fish into your meals for hair-boosting benefits. You know what? This sounds like a great idea for another blog article, right?

Scalp Care: Just like your hair, your scalp can also take a beating during the summer. A healthy scalp is crucial for healthy hair growth. Ask your salon professional about scalp care treatments that cleanse, exfoliate, and nourish your scalp, promoting optimal hair health.

Color Correction: Sun, chlorine, and salt water can all take a toll on color-treated hair, often causing it to fade or change tone. A professional color correction services can restore the original vibrancy of your color or even transition it to a new, fall-appropriate shade (because fall is coming, don’t ya know).

Revamping Your Look for Fall: The end of summer is a perfect time to consider a new hairstyle or color. Whether you’re interested in a subtle change or a dramatic transformation, your Lawton hair stylists are up-to-date with the latest fall trends and can help you achieve a look that will turn heads next season.

Let Your Hair Down: We get it. With summer’s scorching heat, your hair might have been restricted to ponytails, top knots, or braids—practical and stylish ways to avoid hair sticking to the back of your neck. However, your Lawton, Oklahoma hair care professionals encourage a change as the temperature cools. Constant reliance on ponytails can stress your hair follicles due to their tight pull, while hairstyles like buns and braids risk causing breakage and potentially stunting hair growth, particularly if your hair is already fragile or if the wrong hair ties are used. As the post-summer season arrives, consider adopting freer, less restrictive hairstyles. This not only gives your hair and scalp a much-needed rest from the constant tension but also encourages healthier hair by letting it breathe and relax. Remember, letting your hair down isn’t merely a liberating feeling—it’s an essential aspect of hair self-care!

Professional Consultation: Every individual’s hair is unique, which is why a one-size-fits-all approach won’t work when it comes to hair care. We can’t stress the importance of a professional consultation to accurately assess your hair health and needs enough. Your professional, hairstylist or hair colorist is always ready to provide guidance and create a customized post-summer recovery plan that helps restore the health, strength, and beauty of your hair.

As we say “so long” to summer and “hello” to the vibrant colors of fall, your journey towards luscious and healthy hair doesn’t have to be daunting. With the right care, products, and professional guidance from your trusted hair care professional at Salons de Beauté, you’re well-equipped to tackle any post-summer hair issues. Remember, maintaining the health and beauty of your hair is a year-round commitment, and your hairstylist or hair colorist is available to help every step of the way. So, let’s embrace the new season with hair that feels as good as it looks!

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