The holiday season is upon us! Of course, it’s been upon us for a while, given how it’s easy enough to find Christmas décor lurking among the bats and pumpkins come Halloween, but now that the year’s turkeys have been made into turkey sandwiches and it’s the end of November, we all really have to start thinking about “the most wonderful time of the year.”

This year, Hanukkah begins at sundown on December 2, and Christmastime seems to already be in full swing, given the musical selections in most stores and the number of red and green decorations all over the place. Kwanzaa begins on December 26 and lasts until New Year’s Day. Wintertime holidays are traditionally marked by the lighting of lights and the giving of gifts, as both brighten up the darkest months of the year. And don’t forget, while you’re bringing some warmth and light into the lives of your friends and your families, it’s nice to do the same for your professional acquaintances, such as your hair stylist at your favorite salon in Lawton.

Giving a little something to the people who provide you with crucial services such as great hair, professional-looking nails, or great massages is a holiday tradition. Whatever your faith, the end of the year is a time to make the people in your life feel appreciated, and a “little something” always goes a long way in that regard.

But it can be confusing to know what to give your hair stylist. You don’t want to give too much or too little. Let’s face it, unless your stylist is also a close friend outside the salon, you don’t want to give something too intimate. At the same time, you don’t want to give anything that seems too impersonal, like the holiday candle Janice from Accounting gave you last year at the office gift exchange.

Our gift to you today is a list of “stylist approved” seasonal gift ideas for that special someone who keeps you looking your very best all year long, but especially through the holidays. Just think of all those smart holiday parties, office gift exchanges, and family gatherings ahead of you. The person who makes you sparkle and shine deserves a little bit of appreciation, don’t you think?

Cash and Gift Cards

Everyone knows that it’s a tradition to tip your hair stylist a little extra during the holidays, but how much should you add? Most experts agree that doubling your usual, typical 15- to 20-percent tip is a good baseline for what might be seasonally appropriate. If nothing else you can hand your stylist a little envelope containing a nice holiday card and a little “fun money” stashed beside your usual tip.

If you want to go the extra mile, gift cards are also always warmly welcomed. If you know something about your stylist, such as what they like to eat or do, go for that! But you can always pick up a gift card for a nice local restaurant, a retail store, the movie theater, an online retailer, a book store, or a coffee house. If it’s in the area where your stylist works, that’s even better! It’ll be a convenient treat. But don’t fret over it. Pretty much everyone needs things from places like Target, so if you’re stumped, go for that! 

Booze and Food

The end of the year is the season of eating and drinking. Nobody will turn away gifts of food and drink. Tins of holiday cookies or chocolates? Sure. A bottle of wine or two? No problem. A cheese sampler? Girl, you know it. Jams and jellies? Happy to take ’em. Basically, anything someone will need to work off as part of their New Year’s resolutions is usually warmly welcomed. And if they’re homemade, so much the better! Homemade goodies always come with a bit of personal touch.

Handmade Items

If you know your stylist particularly well or have had an ongoing relationship for years, something handmade can be a really thoughtful and special gift. A hand-knitted scarf. Handmade soaps or bath bombs. Scented oils for the bath. Rosemary oil for her kitchen. Whatever you make, especially if it’s a hobby you’ve discussed with your stylist, makes a great gift!

Whimsical Gifts

Who doesn’t love an unusual décor item that immediately brings a smile to the face? Amusing mugs, clever tea towels, salon-friendly artwork, or humorous notepads are all nice gifts this time of year, especially if they relate back to something your stylist may have told you about himself or herself. Gifts like these may feel impersonal, but hey, if your stylist is always sipping on a cup of coffee, why not give her post-it notes that say something like, “This is one of those mornings where my coffee needs coffee.” While post-it notes aren’t the most intimate of gifts, they do show you’re thinking about her!

Personal Pampering Gifts

Even though your stylist may work in a full-service salon, he or she can still take the occasional “spa day” to de-stress and reset. You could get your stylist a gift certificate for a massage, a facial, a mani-pedi, or a whole-body treatment. Better yet, you can put together a basket of DIY at-home pampering gifts, including scented candles, lotions, bath salts, a mud mask, or those mitts you can heat up in the microwave. Those are perfect for tired hands!

Still Stumped?

If you’re not seeing anything that you think your stylist will like, turn to the gift pros. Google “gifts for stylists” or check Amazon. Amazon usually publishes numerous lists of gift ideas for everyone of every age. You can certainly find some suggestions there! And as we said before, letting people buy their own gifts is never a bad idea. A gift card or a little extra cash are things everyone appreciates this time of year!

Salons de Beauté is always cheery, but this time of year we’re ho-ho-hoping you choose to come in and look at our salon suites for stylists eager to be self-employed. Contact us today!