JANUARY is the month for transformations—or at least the intention to transform. New year, new you, right?

There’s something about turning to a new calendar page that makes us want to make big changes. These days, with, well, everything that’s been going on, we’re all ready to shed the old year and blaze into the new one. We’ve all been through so much we can’t control, so let’s think about something we can change and control at will: our hair.

One of the cool things that’s actually come out of the last two years of weirdness has been a real uptick in creativity when it comes to fashion and hairstyles. People seem to be embracing boldness in their personal appearance, maybe because more of us are working from home or maybe because we’ve all realized it’s time to seize the day and look like who we want to be, because nothing in life is certain!

If you’re ready to find a new vibe in the new year, this article is a great place to begin. We know that sometimes it can be a little intimidating to communicate what you want to your stylist. These cool new styles and trends have some intense new terminology, so let us help you by laying all of it out for you here. That way, when you go in for your consultation at one of the great hair salons in Lawton, you’ll be able to ask for exactly what you want!

Curlights. Curls are coming back in a big way in 2022, and getting gentle highlights that set them off to their best advantage is going to be one of the hottest trends. Mark our words: You’re going to want a mane full of curls that looked like the sun kissed them. It’ll be the thing! 

Midnight Brunette. Blondes may have more fun, but since no one is having fun these days, why not go as dark as the times and deepen your natural brunette color with a color-depositing conditioner? You can find a lot of good brands out there that nourish your hair while adding depth and darkness to brown colors. 

Shaggy Layers. The “lob” or “long bob” is still very cool. Layers aren’t just for short cuts. You can get a lot of texture and motion hacked into your hair even if it’s longer than shoulder length. A lob is just the thing if you’re trying to skate between a shaggy ‘do and the length you came to love when you were rocking that pandemic grow-out. 

Anime Pink. Color is easier than ever these days (even if bleaching is still best left to a stylist…just sayin’). Bright, bold hues are super trendy these days, especially pink shades ranging all the way from bubblegum to magenta. The world may be a darker place these days, but hair has never been brighter. Go for it! Whether you color your whole head or just add a streak, you’ll love it. Trust us. 

Middle Parts. They’re back like the ‘70s never ended. The reigning side part of the Millennials has finally been dethroned! If you fear being cheugy, it’s time to get donate those skinny jeans and get some straight-legged ones with high waists instead, and—you heard us—part your hair down the middle! Everything old is new again, even Golden Girls jeans and middle parts. (But don’t worry. If you want to keep your side part, that’s just fine too. They’ll never go out of style…like skinny jeans. Sob!!) 

The ‘90s Bixie. Did you spend all of the ‘90s trying to achieve the perfect Meg Ryan mop-top? Good news! It’s back, and you can have it again. The Bixie is a mashup haircut like the lob (long bob), two great tastes that taste great together. It’s a pixie! It’s a bob! It’s perfect for highlights and lowlights! It looks great whether you’ve just rolled out of bed or have styled it with a little more finesse. 

Vivid Overlay. Some people don’t want to bleach it all to get that pop of color, and that’s fine! A vivid overlay can enhance natural color or soften or brighten highlights. It’s a gloss that gives hair a pop without you having to go totally rock  star. 

Mushroom Blonde. Speaking of the 1970s, mushroom blonde is the latest blonde hair trend that’ll make you look like a 21st century Farrah Fawcett if you pair it with a center part. An ashy blonde look streaked with brown and gray is a serious contender for the most interesting recent hair trend. We love the organic look with the lowlights! 

The Blunt Cut. Not into all this ‘70s shag? That’s totally fine, because ‘90s styles are also still hot. Get yourself some streaky highlights and a blunt cut and straighten the heck out of it. As we were saying, anything goes these days, and your hair is a great place to express yourself. Plus, those blunt cuts and highlights are just as trendy! 

Zigzag Parts. We don’t make the rules. Zoomers have discovered the zig-zag hair parts of their parents (oh, dear!). I suppose that’s fair, because we Millennials all took style inspiration from our hippie parents! Back in the 1990s, the author rocked some bell bottoms and peasant blouses, so it makes sense that “these kids today” are parting their hair with a zig-zag. Perhaps next all the latest makeup trends will be as frosty as possible with dark black mascara.

Old or new, fresh or funky, trendy looks are what we specialize in here at Salons de Beauté. Our stylists love to welcome clients to their mini salon suites here in Lawton and consult with them on making their hair dreams come true. From color to curls to products that’ll keep your salon look fresh at home, our stylists are happy to help you look like your wildest (or mildest!) dreams.

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