As every stylist knows, this business is all about relationships. It’s a good thing for a stylist to be a “people person,” whether you’re cutting or coloring hair, doing nails, or waxing. It’s up to you to create a positive experience for your clients, after all… and no two are alike. Some will want to be pampered in silence; others will want to chat about TV shows and movies, their personal life, or even politics. Talking about Game of Thrones or who was eliminated from The Voice or the presidential primaries can be fun, but it can also be tricky. Stylists have to make sure they’re keeping their clients happy, after all, so to keep on good footing it’s a good idea to not only remember how your customers like their hair styled, but also to remember their names, what sort of pet they keep, their politics, and their media preferences… and remember to bite your tongue, even if those last few are markedly different from your own. Not only does this make for smoother sailing, it also builds the sort of relationships that can last for years.

But, when you become your own boss by leasing one of Salons de Beauté’s salon suites in Lawton, you’ll have even more relationships in your life. It won’t just be you and the person in the chair! You’ll be managing relationships with:

  • Other stylists. As we mentioned in our article “Leveraging the Power of Your Network,” building relationships with other professionals can be mutually beneficial! Recommending complementary services can be a great way to drum up additional business.
  • Your landlord. Naturally you’ll want to be friendly with the person who performs repairs to the shampoo bowls and keeps the Wi-Fi in service.
  • Your accountant. Even if you’ve never had one before, it might be time once you own your own mini salon. You’re a business owner now, after all, and that means business expenses. If you don’t enjoy bookkeeping, hire someone who does!
  • Your suppliers. Cultivating a good relationship with the businesses that provide you with your products can have benefits such as freebies, testers, samples, and discounts.

Once you become your own boss, you’ll also have to spend a bit more time on your relationships outside of your salon. Hourly workers get to go home at the end of their shifts, but being a business owner is a bit different. You may find yourself at work late in the evening, early in the morning, on weekends, or on holidays. You’re the one your clients will look to when they want and need to look beautiful, after all, so in order to preserve and honor those relationships, you may find your personal relationships strained. But you have to care for those, too—so remember to take the time you need for your friends and family. And for yourself, as well!

Salons de Beauté is ideal for stylists and other beauty pros who are ready to be their own boss. Contact us today!