While there’s a certain appealing Steel Magnolias kitsch to old beauty parlors with pink walls, dusty fake ivy everywhere, glamorous soft-focus photos of women with haircuts fifteen years out of style, and white wicker accents, if you’re a hair stylist with fresh ideas and an interest in cutting-edge hairstyles, working in a salon like that might be costing you clients. The established clientele will likely want different cuts and styles than those that necessarily inspire you, and people who walk in the door for the first time will assume you’re the place to go for perms, big hairdos, and gossip… but maybe not shaggy bangs, sharp a-lines, and color straight out of InStyle magazine.

The truth of the matter is that first impressions last a lifetime. When a new client walks into a salon and doesn’t feel a connection, they might walk right out again… or just not come back after their first experience, no matter how good a cut you gave them. If you’re working in a salon and the owner refuses to refresh the color, décor, or furnishings—the “look” of the place—it can lead to feelings of frustration. You and your colleagues can be all too aware that something newer and more modern will draw fresh interest from first-time clients, but convincing your salon owner of this can be an uphill battle. And sometimes salons simply outgrow their space, leaving beauty professionals jockeying for the styling chairs, shampoo bowls, storage, and so on and so forth. This can lead to lines that decrease the number of clients you can see in a day, or cause frustrating wait times for your valued customers.

If you’re frustrated with your current situation as a stylist, it may be time to consider renting one of the salon suites in Lawton offered by Salons de Beauté.

Salons de Beauté has twenty-six mini salon suites available for leasing in Lawton, OK. When you lease your own mini salon suite, you’re your own boss. You work for yourself, and you’re free to style it as you see fit. Hate beige? Go with black, or shocking pink, or wild acid green. Want to decorate with something a bit more modern? No one will object to you sprucing the place up with cool bamboo, your old collection of Rainbow Brite dolls, sugar skulls… or maybe you just want an ultra-slick environment with only the essentials. It’s your call!

Salons de Beauté is the ideal location for updated, upscale, modern salons in the Lawton area. Whether you’re a hair stylist, colorist, nail technician, massage therapist, or other specialized beauty professional, Salons de Beauté is the ideal place to locate your new business. Contact us today and see what we have to offer self-motivated, visionary beauty professionals like you!