As a salon worker, you know there’s much to consider once you’ve decided to build your own salon suite business: you have your new business model to think about, the interior of your suite to design, clients to attract via personal connection or by using social media for your salon marketing… but in all the hustle and bustle that surrounds deciding to open your own salon suite, you may forget to think about the most crucial aspect of your new business: yourself.

Just like financial advisors suggest paying yourself first, as a new business owner you should also take care of yourself first. After all, you already know that being a salon worker is tough on the body! You work with your hands all day long, whether you’re giving massages, styling hair, or helping people take care of their skin. You’re on your feet from the moment you get up to the moment you sit down at night. Health and beauty care is a rewarding industry, but it’s a physically challenging one—and now that you’ve decided to be your own boss, more than ever you need to keep yourself in excellent working condition so that the demands don’t take so much of a toll that you miss work because of them.

There’s plenty of simple things you can do to keep yourself feeling good on a daily basis. By investing a little money into and spending a little bit of time every day on your most important tools—your own feet, legs, back, shoulders, and hands—you can stave off injuries and keep yourself feeling great.

For example, every hair stylist should invest in a good pair of scissors that feels good in their hands. Try out a lot, to make sure you love the pair you’ll be working with every day. Likewise, get combs and brushes with large handles, they’re easier on your grip—and try to keep your wrists in a neutral or straight position while working to keep carpal tunnel syndrome at bay. Also, take the time to raise and lower your client so that you’re not cutting hair with your hands raised, with your shoulders too high.

You should also invest in an excellent pair of shoes to keep plantar fasciitis out of your life. There are plenty of cute styles out there these days that have arch support and shock absorbing soles—choose them over high heels or sandals that won’t pamper the feet that support you all day. You should also consider getting a shock absorbing mat for your new salon suite, which will reduce strain on your heels and soles.

Finally, take breaks. Whether it’s staggering clients so that you don’t have two huge jobs back to back, allowing yourself a full hour for lunch every day, or taking your days off mid-week, you must give yourself enough time to rest. Time is money, as they say, but a few ten-minute breaks here and there to stretch between clients and loosen your wrists, fingers, and shoulders may save you hours off to go to the doctor or a full day off when you strain something.

You’re in the business of pampering, so make sure to pamper yourself! Trust us—you’ll thank us in the long run.

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