We all want to get back to normal, don’t we? We want to go to the big game in person. We want to visit our kids and our grandkids. We want to say, “What do you want for dinner?” and visit the grocery store at the last minute. We want to attend church on Sunday, dine out without worry, and go to the hairstylist when we need to. But with so much still so uncertain at this time, we must conduct all of our out-of-the-house activities in a smart, pre-planned manner.

Thinking ahead can be a pain, but it’s the best way for us to be safe while still living our lives and enjoying the comforts we want! If you’re feeling ready to visit your favorite hairstylist, massage therapist, or nail tech at your local salon in Lawton (or anywhere else, really) read this first, make a plan, and follow the guidelines for your safety and theirs. Community means taking care of one another, and the stylists and other beauty industry professionals at Salons de Beauté are doing their best to take care of you. Here’s how you both can take care of each other!

First things first…

The health and beauty industry pros working at Lawton’s salons are staying positive and doing everything in their power to actively reduce risk for their clients. We’re in the middle of a pandemic, and the cold and flu season is just around the corner, so all of the stylists and other professionals at Salons de Beauté want to avoid any potential problems or pitfalls. This is definitely a time to follow the guidelines issued by local and state governments and by the CDC to keep things safe for everyone. Nobody wants to go back to the way it was in March and April. The best way we can all ensure we’re able to visit our local stylist or nail tech is to follow the rules and safety precautions. If you’re curious about what the stylists are doing to protect you, the customer, you’re encouraged to call your salon worker and ask about safety protocols.

Arrive on time for your appointment and come alone.

To reduce community contact, the seating areas at Salons de Beauté and most other salons in Lawton are closed at this time. If you arrive early for your appointment, we ask that you wait in your car. Your salon worker will let you inside at the time of your appointment, so text your stylist and follow the directions we’ve posted on the front door.

You must call in advance to schedule your salon service. Our stylists are not accepting drop-ins or walk-ins at this time. We also ask you to come alone. Please do not bring your friends, and please do not bring your children. While we here at Salons de Beauté appreciate the stress that these times have put on families without childcare, only two people are allowed in our styling rooms at a time. If you have no other choice but to bring your children, please ask your stylist if they may come along, and make sure your children are masked and respectful of boundaries.

Wear a mask. Everyone else is.

When you’re receiving services at Salons de Beauté, you must wear a mask the entire time you are inside the building. Guidelines vary inside each stylist’s individual room. Our stylists know what they are comfortable with, so to keep everyone feeling safe, it’s best to listen and comply. The stylists are also happy for you to come wearing eye protection and gloves.

This also goes without saying: Keeping your distance from others is crucial. While salon services are intimate, it is important that you limit your close contact with others while at Salons de Beauté.

Expect a different salon experience.

Change is hard, but it’s also temporary. As the current situation persists, we all have to manage our expectations. Please come to your appointment at Salons de Beauté expecting a different salon experience right now. Because barbershops and salons feature a number of shared surfaces, including chairs, tables, and hair tools, we’re sanitizing everything in between clients. If things take a bit longer, we’re asking for your patience and understanding. This is not the time to linger over your salon services. Come into your stylist’s room, receive your service, and then get back out the door. As they say in the restaurant industry, “eat and get out.” Now more than ever it’s crucial to catch up with your stylist over social media instead of in the salon chair.

For those who are coming in for nail services, plexiglass partitions have been installed for the nail techs because of how close they need to be. Use the hand sanitizer provided, and please consider leaving a no-touch tip. Contactless or tap-and-go payments with cards and your digital devices are best. Consider setting up Apple or Android Pay, Google Wallet, PayPal, or something to expedite the payment process, and limit the amount of cash your stylist must handle.

What can clients do to help protect their health and beauty worker?

If you’re not feeling well, stay home from your appointment. Now is not the time to say, “it’s just a sniffle.” It’s hard, but we’re now living in a world where little decisions have big impacts. Protect your community by canceling your salon appointment if you feel unwell! It can be disappointing to need to postpone your haircut, massage, or nail appointment, but right now we all need to remember that disappointment is temporary, and the consequences of our actions can be profound for other people and their families.

What can clients do to help protect themselves?

Clients should practice good hygiene before, during, and after their salon service. Wear a mask at all times when possible, wash your hands thoroughly, and change clothes and wash your hands when you get home. If you are immunocompromised or have chronic health conditions, carefully consider whether this is the right time for your salon service. Rest assured, our stylists are dedicated to making your salon experience as safe as possible during these trying times! The good news is, the more we all follow the rules, the sooner we can get back to normal.

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