So! You’re ready to start your own mini salon. Congratulations! Starting a small business is a big step, but for self-motivated people like you who want to be their own boss, it’s a step in the right direction.

For a certain kind of person, nothing is more fulfilling than working for yourself—so if that’s what you see in your future, why not give Salons de Beauté a call? Our mini salon suites in Lawton are great for stylists and other beauty professionals who are ready to make the jump to small business ownership. And, after all, having a business location is an essential early step for small business owners, so why not set up shop in Salons de Beauté, which offers mini salon suites to all sorts of beauty professionals just like you? It’s like having a bunch of potential referrals just around the corner!

Once you figure out where you want to be, you’ll need a license. The Oklahoma State Board of Cosmetology and Barbering offers many licenses. You can look them over and see what you need for your new business!

You also need to learn to think like a businessperson. You don’t necessarily need to go to business school to run your own successful small business, but learning some common sense small business sense will only help you. For example, consider things like:

  • Your Operating Budget. This could include not only things like how much cash you’ll need for your business, in terms of rent, supplies, advertising, an emergency fund, insurance, and so on and so forth, but also how much you need for your own monthly expenses. And of course, don’t forget taxes! Hiring a CPA to handle that side of things would definitely be a part of your budget.
  • What You’ll Charge. Once you know how much money you need to make each month you can calculate what you’ll charge your customers, and how many customers you’d need at that rate to break even, and also turn a profit.
  • If You Need a Loan. A loan officer at your local bank can help you figure out the process of getting a small business loan. It’s good to go in with a write-up of your vision for your business, so definitely do that!

Thinking like a businessperson doesn’t just mean the above sorts of “nuts and bolts” mentality, however. It also means thinking practically about things like… maintaining a client base when you move from your old salon location. It means thinking about promotion. It means taking into account things like cleanliness, and representing yourself with a professional attitude toward everyone from your clients to your suppliers.

Owning your own salon can also mean working on developing a thick skin and a cool head. It’s not an easy life, owning your own business, but we think you’ll find it rewarding! After all, you’ll be free—and your business will be your own.

Give Salons de Beauté a call to learn more about being your own boss by starting your own salon suites in Lawton. Contact us today and we’ll get you started!