Primping ain’t easy. You work in the beauty industry—you know it’s true. Salon workers, managers, and owners face a ton of challenges, including competition from others, and especially the discount cut and color place down the road or “home service products.” It’s also important for them to keep up to date with all of the latest trends, and to devise ways to remain afloat even during times of economic downturn. Recently, a salon management consulting agency in the United Kingdom conducted a survey of 250 salon owners and workers. They asked just what makes running a salon so difficult. The top concerns among workers and owners were losing clients, reduction in the number of services clients ask for, and lagging sales numbers. While each of these problems is unique, with its own unique solution, in the end the complaint comes down to the same thing. At the end of the week, month, and fiscal year, salons are seeing a downturn in sales. So, what’s a salon owner to do?

While here at Salons de Beaute we believe our stylists are artists, unique creators who use medium like nails, hair, skin, and more, the salon industry is a sales industry. While we may not be selling gadgets or gizmos, services are still sales. So, a tip that helps generate revenue for anyone in sales looking to grow their business is to increase your add-on sales.

Sometimes called “upselling” or “cross-selling,” these tactics are good ones for salon workers or owners like you to increase your revenue. As an experienced salon professional, your knowledge of your craft and your products makes you a valued health and beauty expert—someone your clients can rely on for good advice and quality services.

You can monetize that trust by upselling services. Examples of upselling would be adding a color to a cut, a brow waxing to a facial, or a foot massage to a mani/pedi. You don’t have to be aggressive about it; a good approach is urging your clients to take care of themselves—to treat themselves. They’re worth it, after all!

You can also cross-sell products that will match your services. Examples of cross-selling would be selling your clients color-protecting shampoo after you dye their hair, recommending a jar of cuticle cream after a manicure, or selling them a packaged mud mask to keep that facial looking fresh. Listening to your clients’ needs and recommending products and services that will serve those interests will make you seem responsive, rather than mercenary.

Successful sales like these won’t just move products off the shelf of your salon suite in Lawton—they’ll establish you as an authority among your clientele. Being a reliable source of health and beauty information will bring your clients back for more… and potentially increase your client base. Think about it: when your happy customers aren’t just raving about your amazing haircuts, but also about the great products they pick up at your salon, new people will have two motivations to walk in the door for a service!

Salons de Beauté is renting to self-motivated stylists and beauty professionals just like you. Our mini salon suites are ideal for small business-minded pros who are eager to be their own boss. Contact us today!