Most of us hold the idea of the “new year” in high regard. It’s a symbolic time, when we think about new beginnings and new opportunities. We have high hopes for just about everything—our health, our families, our love lives… and also our jobs.

One of the top resolutions people make come the start of the new year is to improve their employment situation. To take risks on new opportunities in the workplace. It can be scary enough to make the leap from one position to another—and if you want to make the jump from employee to small business owner, it can feel terrifying! But in the end, it can really be worth it… and when you have good resources like Salons de Beauté to help you, it’s more in reach than ever before!

Why do we say Salons de Beauté is a resource for self-motivated stylists looking to open a salon in Lawton? First, and most importantly, Salons de Beauté leases mini salon suites to stylists just like you, making it easier for you to open and run a salon. And our reasonable rates, great working space, and community of like-minded small business entrepreneurs will help to support your business even after you’ve signed on the bottom line. Our social media, as well as this very blog, is also intended to be a resource for our community—and by community, we mean the stylists at Salons de Beauté, and the broader community of stylists who work at salons in Lawton! We strive to be a valuable resource for stylists, colorists, nail techs, massage therapists, and aestheticians everywhere.

So, when is the best time to make the big change from employee to owner and start your own mini salon business? It’s not just about dreaming of setting your own hours, managing your own client list, and keeping more of your money—though those are all perks, to be sure. Business experts will say that striking out on your own is the best move when you no longer feel you’re growing or learning in your current position. That’s when you’re ready for a big change. It’s also crucial to be certain you’d rather work sixty hours a week for yourself, rather than forty for someone else. And if possible, it’s good to be in a stable place in your life, with the support of your family and friends!

In the end, however, it’s mostly about when you have the drive and determination to make your own small business happen. No one ever has all their ducks in a row, no one is ever 100% ready for something. Waiting for the stars to align may keep you from pursuing your dreams indefinitely. So if you’re interested, make a New Year’s resolution to come to Salons de Beauté and talk to us about what it would take to open your very own salon in Lawton!

Salons de Beauté in Lawton is leasing mini salon suites to stylists interested in being their own boss in the new year. Contact us today and ask us about our reasonable rates!