Tipping is one of those issues that comes up time and again for anyone who works in, or patronizes, the service industry. So, in other words, just about everyone! Whether you’re for tipping or against it in principle, tipping people who serve you is a part of life here in the U.S., so it’s good to be acquainted with why tipping is so important, and how to tip appropriately.

The question of how much to tip is a difficult one. People have different philosophies of tipping all over the country, and around the world, too. So, what’s the best rule of thumb when it comes to tipping?

In the end, tipping is up to the discretion of the patron, and should be proportionate to how good the service received was. Typically, a 15-20% tip is considered to be a reflection of good service. At a salon, tipping a stylist 15% if you just come in for a cut or another sort of service as a one-time thing is perfectly fine. As a relationship develops between you and your stylist, however, it’s suggested you bump that tip to 20%, or even 25% or 30%. While that may seem like a large tip, remember how hard your stylist works to keep you and all of his or her clients looking their best! It’s not easy, standing all day, using your hands and forearms and shoulders and fingers. A nice tip shows your stylist you appreciate what they’re doing for you. It’s also great, if you’re shampooed by someone else, to tip them three to five dollars for the service.

Why is tipping so crucial? Many people who work in the service industry need those tips to supplement their income. If you’ve never worked in the service industry, or did so as a first job when you were still living at home, it’s easy to forget how much an extra bit of cash can help. Yep—cash! It’s always best to tip in cash, or at least be prepared to do so. Even today, some salons in Lawton aren’t equipped to handle tips paid via credit or debit card—so if you don’t carry a bit of cash, you risk stiffing your stylist. When enough people do that in a day, or a week, it can really throw budgets out of whack, since stylists and other service industry professionals often plan their budgets to account for the tips they expect to receive.

If you’re lucky enough to have a relationship with your stylist, it’s a good idea to consider giving them a holiday gift, too, in the form of a bit of extra cash. The holiday season is one where you as a client are likely going to a lot of parties where you’ll need to look sharp. Your stylist is undoubtedly working longer hours than normal, and feeling the holiday pinch in regards to gifts and other holiday expenses, just like the rest of us.

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