We all know a bad day can be perked up by a thoughtful text, note, or email. A good dress can become a great look with accessories. Heck, as stylists, we know that attention to detail can be the difference between a haircut that makes your client come back, and one that makes them start looking for a new stylist. Little things make a big difference all the time—and that’s doubly true when you own your own mini salon business. Read on for some little things stylists who have leased salon suites in Lawton can do to make their small business a big success!

Build relationships. As we’ve said before, relationships will promote your success as a small business owner. Being friendly and professional with your landlord, your suppliers, your accountant, and other stylists will make people eager to work with you—and eager to go the extra distance to help you thrive!

Value Yourself. Your time is your money. If your clients ask for after-hours appointments, emergency scheduling, or off-site services, charge them accordingly for the premium services. Don’t be afraid to price yourself competitively, either! It’s important to make sure you’re earning what you’re worth if you want your business to stay in the black.

Spend money to make money. It can be tempting to “DIY” your business, but hiring an accountant may actually save you money in the end. Accountants know how to make money matters work for small businesses—and not only that, they bring their customers peace of mind. It’s one less thing for you to worry about, after all, and it lets you focus your energies where they’re most needed.

As for referrals. Remember when we told you to leverage the power of your social network? Do it! Satisfied customers are often happy to share their thoughts. That’s free advertising for you!

Mark up your products. It’s industry standard to mark salon products up 50%. If that seems like a lot, remember that your clients are paying for your advice on how to use what they’re buying as well as the product itself!

Ask for payment in full at time of service. Hold everyone to this policy, even your friends. A promise to pay later is just an excuse not to pay at all.

Ask for advice. Salon professionals are some of the friendliest, nicest people around. We love to share tips and advice—just look at this blog! If you’re feeling confused, or stuck in a rut, ask a mentor or someone in your professional network what they might do.

Dress and act the part. Looking sharp, showing up on time, being professional, and going the extra mile for your clients will keep them coming back for more.

Want to learn more? Salons de Beauté is an ideal solution for stylists and other beauty professionals who want to make a small salon business work. Contact us today and find out how we can make your little salon a big deal!