Here at the Salons de Beauté blog we’ve talked about using social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to grow your client base. We’ve also discussed the importance of encouraging your clients to leave positive reviews of your mini salon suites in Lawton on Yelp, FourSquare, and other review sites. But today we’re going to talk about possibly the most powerful tool you have to grow your client base—the power of personal referrals.

Social networks are great, don’t get us wrong, but your face-to-face network is even more valuable, if studies are any indication. It’s been claimed that 80% of salon owners say most of their business comes through referrals. And that makes a lot of sense! Think about it this way: sure, you may see a preview for a cool-looking new movie, but even the best preview doesn’t necessarily make people take the leap from saying “That looks great…” to “I’m going right now!” But, when a friend tells you enthusiastically about how great that same movie is, after seeing it first… well, that has been shown to motivate people to get in the car and get to the theatre more than any other form of marketing.

The same principle applies to salon services. It’s said in business that the easiest sale to make is a referral sale. That’s right—existing clients who love you will do your work for you, and better than you could ever do yourself. And best of all, it costs you nothing—not time, not money, and no extra effort.

But, how do you make referral sales? Well, perhaps the easiest way is to draw on your existing friends in the health and beauty industry. If you’re a colorist looking for new clients, and your friend is a nail tech or massage therapist, it’s very possible they know people who are looking for the service you offer. So let them know—if they think you’re booked up, they may not refer people to you! And of course, you can set up a sort of exchange where you refer your clients with tight necks or shabby nails to their place of business!

This sort of community support is even easier at a mini salon suites setup like Salons de Beauté. When you own your own mini salon suite, in the midst of many other mini salon suite owners, you’re all in the same boat. You’re all looking to grow your new business by making new contacts. Setting up a system of referral exchange with your new community-members is just the thing to get the door opening again and again. And best of all, you’re all right there—so if a client mentions they have a spare hour, you can just send them down the hall to your friend for a facial, cut, nail appointment, or whatever they need.

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