It’s one thing to dream of leaving your day job at the mall salon or corporate massage studio in the strip mall, and it’s another thing entirely to do it. We understand that. It’s intimidating! Starting your own salon in Lawton is a huge step to take. But while there’s no way around that, you don’t have to do it alone. There are people who will help you on your journey, people to whom you can turn in order to have a better chance of success. This month, everyone is flocking to theaters to see the Avengers assemble for the last time, so it’s a great time to talk about assembling your own team of superheroes to support you on the way to founding a small business and being the owner of your very own mini salon suite!

An Accountant to Help You with the Books and Taxes

Did you ever wonder who the Avengers’ accountant was? No? Well, think about it! Who made sure Tony Stark could pay for all the planes and weapons and super suits used by the team? Without all that stuff, many of the movie superheroes we know and love would be just pretty-okay heroes—if that. That’s why we put an accountant at the top of this list.

All businesses need money to survive and eventually thrive. If money matters seem dizzying, hire an accountant to help you make a budget, handle your various taxes, and take a look at your business plan to ensure you’ve got the best chance for success. If computers aren’t your thing, your accountant will help you set up software to keep track of your day-to-day and month-to-month finances. Tax season will be annoying but not painful with an accountant helping you out. While you might only see your accountant a few times a year, their role in your life as a small-business owner is nothing short of indispensable.

A Mentor to Show You the Ropes

Sure, Thor may be the god of thunder, and the Hulk a genius scientist who transforms into an enormous ultra-powerful monster man, but they both still need Nick Fury to guide them and help them be part of the greatest superhero team of all time. Mentoring is crucial to the success of any venture, from running successful salons in Lawton to saving the universe. When you’re ready to get serious about starting your own business, talk to people who have been there. Get some experienced advice, and make sure it’s from someone who’s not out for your money. It’s not a bad idea to hire a paid consultant, but that’s not what a mentor is. You’re looking for someone who is independent from you, someone who doesn’t want to see anything except your success, and someone who can give you advice for years to come. Talking over your business plans with your friend who just started her own salon business is great, and her fresh eyes are going to be a wonderful resource, but you also need to discuss things with someone who has years more experience than yourself. You want someone who’s “been there” and who can give you advice on how to weather the storms of small-business ownership.

Your Banker to Help You with the Accounts

The creative side of salon ownership is what attracts many of us to small-business ownership in the first place, but we also need to consider the financial side. Most small-business start-ups, including salons in Lawton, require obtaining a small-business loan through a bank or credit union. Borrowing money is a stressful process for most of us, so if you plan to apply for a loan, make sure you have a banker you trust on your side. Your mentor might have a good recommendation, or you could ask other local business professionals you know. Seriously consider a credit union instead of a national bank, even if your personal account is with a national bank. Local or even regional moneylenders are often better at serving small, local businesses because they know the area and the local market. Your banker at a credit union may well be more interested in finding you the best ways to do what you want, including finding the best interest rates, and will often move more quickly than a national bank.

Your Significant Other for Everything Else

What is a significant other? Maybe it’s a boyfriend, girlfriend, spouse, or domestic partner. Maybe it’s your best friend who’s always there for you. Whoever this person is, don’t forget to consider him or her a part of your team. Your significant other is your champion, your confidant, your cheerleader, your go-to source of support, your sounding board. He or she might even be your first customer.

But remember, while you should be able to rely on your significant other, you need to make it clear that he or she is not just all these roles to you. Make sure that you’re providing mutual support and that you’re there for him or her when you’re needed, too. At the same time, be open and honest about what you need so that your significant other understands what a big deal it is to start up a health and beauty business, whether it’s a mini salon suite in Lawton or a full-service day spa in Oklahoma City.

Are There Other People You Should Know?

Avengers: Endgame has every superhero in the Marvel Cinematic Universe coming together to save the world. There are a lot of surprises: call-backs to characters you may have forgotten who perform a crucial role at the right time. Is there anyone like this in your life? Think about other people who can help when you take the plunge into small-business ownership. It will be handy to know someone who has marketing experience, especially using social media. Product reps will be a great resource, as will an attorney to help you answer any legal questions that may come up, secure licenses and permits, and help you with contracts. Lastly, you might want a good relationship with the property manager who helps operate the facility in which you’re setting up your health or beauty salon. Here at Salons de Beauté you can rest assured knowing we understand your needs and your situation. We’re here to help you!

Salons de Beauté can be your “home base” when you become the superhero of your own small business. Contact us today!