Let’s talk about bad habits. We all have things we do (or don’t do!) that might not seem like a big deal once in a while, but then once in a while becomes frequently, and then frequently becomes… well, you get the idea. Bad habits are just that, bad, but it’s easy to justify some more than others. The thing is, any bad habit, once it’s really a habit, can cause significant damage over time. That’s true of things like not flossing, avoiding the gym, or not changing the oil in your car, and it’s also true about the little things you let slide with your salon business, too. It may not be clear at first just how badly things can go when you leave the little things too long, so let’s take a look at a few common bad habits that health and beauty owners often fall prey to and why you should try to resist them.

Failing to stay in touch with salon clients. The health and beauty industry is all about contact, about connection. When you’re providing hair care, skin care, manicures, or massages, that personal touch is crucial. Building a real relationship with your clients turns them into regulars, but often that relationship doesn’t extend beyond the salon. No matter how intimate a conversation might get during a service, once that client walks out the door, we health and beauty industry professionals are often out of sight, out of mind. Staying in touch with clients when they’re not in the chair can fall by the wayside when your focus is on the clients who are in the chair. That’s understandable! At the same time, it’s not that hard to stay connected with your regulars. Try taking some time once a month to send a thank-you note through the mail or send a message over social media with an offer or information about a new product, service, or new hours. Those things make a big difference. If you’re in the business of creating regulars, staying in touch is a must, even if it’s tempting to use your time away from your clients for other purposes.

Not actively selling beauty products. Of course you’re already stocking your favorite products for those customers who wish to use them at home, but are you really selling them? Getting lazy about moving your stock is another bad habit. The markup on salon products is a great source of revenue for everyone in the health and beauty industry, from big box stores to your salon in Lawton. Why not encourage your customers to buy from you? Take some time to organize your product shelf, spruce it up with some seasonal décor, or do whatever you need to move your stock. And a little talking-up would never hurt, either, especially if there’s some rad new product a regular would love to know about! After all, most of your clients are relying on you for beauty advice.

Ignoring salon client reviews. First things first: 90% of consumers read online reviews before deciding to visit a business. No pressure! Customers trust personal recommendations, but they’re more likely to spend money at a business that has positive reviews. Make sure you don’t develop the bad habit of failing to ask satisfied customers for a review. It can be awkward, we know, but you know if they’re happy or not at the end of a service. And when you know they’re happy, remind them that a positive review really helps you get the word out about your salon in Lawton. But that’s not the only bad habit you can fall into while running your own mini salon suite. You also don’t want to disregard negative reviews. Sure, sometimes bad reviews are just mean and you can blow them off, but if you see reviews that address legitimate issues, well, reach out to those clients, too, and try to resolve the complaints.

Not taking the time to clean up your salon space. Sweeping and mopping can be a drag, but nobody likes to walk into a messy salon. Take the time to clean up, wipe down, re-organize your merchandise, and get it together. Don’t get into the bad habit of putting off tomorrow’s dirty duties. If you’ve got time to lean, you’ve got time to clean, as everyone’s awful old bosses used to say. Sad thing is, they were right.

Making it difficult for salon clients to pay you. While it can be annoying to keep up with every trend in payment (we’re still amazed by people who pay for things with their watches) there’s an old saying in business: never make it difficult for clients to give you their money. Best practice is to get a POS that accommodates everything. Take cash. Take checks. Take cards. Take Apple Pay. Take it however you can get it. Don’t know how? Talk to your banker and other salon owners.

Going into business for yourself can be scary. You may not know if you’re engaging in bad habits right away! But at Salons de Beauté in Lawton, you have a great opportunity to learn and grow as a small business owner without being overwhelmed by a huge salon. Contact us today!