Red carpet events like the Oscars and monthly magazine spreads alike often feature amazing feats of hairstyling and coloring, inspiring nail art, new makeup application techniques, and the latest advances in skin care—as well as the results of them. It’s hard to keep up with it all, especially in this age of social media when the demand for a copycat hairstyle or nail job might arise on the basis of a random celebrity Instagram post!

While plenty of stylists, cosmetologists, and nail techs get by on what they already know, the most successful beauty industry professionals are the ones who are continually looking to build on their skills so they can stay relevant and serve their current and prospective clients. Just like any other profession, the true professionals are those who stay up to date on what’s hot (and take the time to brush up on standard techniques that serve their entire clientele—not just the most fashion-forward among them). And that’s why it’s so valuable to allocate some time every year to continuing education in your field so you can learn all about new products and the latest techniques.

While it may seem like “just another thing to do,” taking continuing education courses can actually revive your interest in your profession and bring you new energy! How? Well, not only will you come away from courses feeling like you’ve mastered some new technique or brushed up on core skill sets, but you’ll also meet other beauty pros who might be valuable resources or contacts—or new friends!

Let’s face it: cosmetology school is crucial for beauty industry professionals, but the wide array of skills you learn there may not be things you practice every day. If you’re like just about every other beauty pro, regardless of your field, you’ll have developed specialties over the years, especially when your “regulars” return time and again for what you do for them. So, brushing up on techniques less commonly practiced will only make you more valuable to new clients—and your old ones who might need a little change of pace. You may also need to take classes to maintain your license. Different states have different requirements, but when it comes to new techniques and standard safety procedures, you may need to become certified or maintain that certification over time.

Education for education’s sake is another great reason to keep up to date on your field! But here at Salons de Beauté, we think one of the best reasons to go back to school once in a while is that it primes you to own your very own business. As those who already own salons in Lawton can attest, opening your own salon isn’t easy. You need knowledge beyond how to give a great haircut, the intricacies of gel nails, or the best massage techniques. Taking classes can help not only to educate you in the ins and outs of small business ownership, but also to expand your skill set so that your mini salon suite at Salons de Beauté can really thrive!

Salons de Beauté is a space for stylists and beauty pros like you to own their own mini salon and be their own boss. Contact us today to hear about what we can offer you!